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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  April 6, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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game it isn't. why don't we have this crowd every day? there's a million reasons why. families -- it's a tradition for families in baltimore. it goes back to a lot of cities. every time we have a great crowd and a great atmosphere, i really want people to go home and say i want to come back and be a part of that. have it's important to win. >> well, the orioles may be in the midst of 14 years of losing seasons, but that doesn't mean the fans don't come out for the beginning. the team is under new direction. we have more on how game one is going. scott? >> reporter: so far so good. i can remember a few opening days, a snow squall stopped the game. so 60 degrees and sunshine,
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beautiful day, new look ballpark. rick sutcliffe had first ball ceremonies as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of camden yards. 20 years ago rick sutcliffe threw out the first pitch and tim hoyles caught it. they're 12-4 in the last 16 opening days in baltimore. nick markakis got us started with carl pavano. >> tanned goes off the bench. >> reporter: markakis with a home run and a triple in this game. the orioles lead it in the 8th inning. jake arrieta, the starting pitcher today, orioles trying to
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win the first game of the season. jake area riette -- ari etta. back a little later. >> stood a holy day for christians. parishioners gathered to reenact the crucifixion of jesus. they prosessed through the streets as jesus carried the cross. christians believe jesus was crucified on the friday before easter. each year on this day people head to o'strawskys to pick up their sausage. abc2's sherrie johnson has that story. >> reporter: they traveled from the eastern shore for a taste of o'strawsky's, a tradition to buy it on friday ready to eat on
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sunday. everyone has a story to tell. >> sunday is easter. it's a tradition that we come to o'strawskys to get the kielbasa. that's been a tradition. my grandmom's polish. my mom's polish, and i'm half polish. >> there's in place like it and all of my family, going all the way back, we always came to o'strawskys to get the polish sausage. >> reporter: inside, it was standing room only. they said their easter people wouldn't be the same without it. >> the family had always gotten their sausage from here. usually someone would pick it up and her parents would bring it to the house on the shore. due to age, we have to get it ourselves. >> reporter: the sausage is part
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of the easter breakfast. it breaks the lenten fast. johnny o is known has the kielbasa king. they have been open since 1919. >> it's the keel bass sa. they can't get it anyplace else. >> reporter: and loyal customers keep coming back year after year. sherrie johnson. >> you can't find it anywhere else. another baltimore tradition was held at pimlico race course. the jewish passover startings tonight. the annual burning has grown to include between 5,000 to 6,000 people. moms have to balance a lot of job requirements. but a multitasking mom in california made a big mistake with her kids. the thing they found her doing
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in the car. a ship adrift at sea for more than a year is at the bottom of the ocean.
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here's something you don't see every day the u.s. coast guard firing on a ship at sea. it was to sink a japanese vessel that had been i drift since last year's massive tsunami. it had drifted into shipping lanes so it was thought to be better to sink the ship new a 29-year-old california woman was raised for driving with a cell phone and textsing with her -- texting with her 1-year-old in her lap. she also had two in the back unsecured. she's already on probation for a previous child endangerment conviction. a florida elementary school had to be evacuated after a student brought in a moore that are shell for show and tell.
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the ammunition had markings indicating it was highly explosive. a robot was used to get it. you do your homework, research and shop around to find the best price for a rental car. then you get a beg surprise. we took a lock at the surprise fees in a rental racket coming up. new jobs numbers come out and the republican front-runner takes aim at the president. i'm tory dunnan in washington with that story and a meeting between rick santorum and a presidential candidate.
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a warning from the federal trade commission. the ftc said fraud artists are targeting consumers who are under water on their car loans. they're asking the court to stop two california couples from allegedly deceiving consumers. they charged hundreds of dollars of upfront fees but never executed the loan mod if i occasion. have you ever shopped for a rental car and found the initial rate was much higher. we have more on all those extra fees. >> reporter: barry mayor often rent as car. he said finding the cheapest deal online can be frustrating. >> the prices are deceiving. >> reporter: take this small suv. the price indicates you can rent it for a delay for about $47, but when you check out all the
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fees are added up and the price jumps to more than $73. this compact car another example. it's listed for le pries of $14 a day. when you reserve it the real price jumps up nearly double the price. >> it gets me upset. >> reporter: the american car rental association said it's the same thing. >> this is one of the challengings we face. >> reporter: bob barton said many of the fees come out of the company's control depending on where uprent the car state, county, or local community. they may be trying to make extra cash. they have fees to help pay for things like stadiums, convention center, road construction and budget short false. taxes are costing more than $7 1/2 billion. car rental companies have no more control over city or state
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fees but they do have control over disclosing the fee. >> car rental companies that tell you one price and winds up charging you significantly more oar unlike airlines, car rental companies aren't required to dhis close them right away. >> we disclose what we knee as best as we can. >> isn't it bet tore let them note bottom line? >> reporter: maybe so but their bottom line, they don't have to. all right, still leading in the big game in camden yards. i'm sure a lot of people are at the game or somewhere watching it. 61 at bwi. the humidity is low, very dry. look how many people are out and about walking around the harbor as we got close to first pitch. then the crowd thins out at the
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end as we got the game underway. bel air today nothing but sunshine in harford county a gorgeous shot from charm city run. in damascus we found a beautiful blue sky. nice to see everything getting into full bloom. the potential for a freeze tonight. so if you have planted, take those precautions. maryland ace most power -- maryland's most powerful radar clear. freeze warning up, northern maryland, western maryland, central virginia and it does include howard county and it does include montgomery. it does not include the city of baltimore or annapolis or the shore. temperatures low. 60's, low 50s. it has been a bit of a cool breeze. some of the gusts have been up around 20. it could feel cool with the wind and the wind will stay up for another few hours. very dry air, very clear skies.
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winds diminishing it. sets us up for a rapid cooloff as skies are clear across the u.s. coastline. the only rain we had in the carolinas are moving offshore. this is a big dome of clear weather. that's what's over the midwest, this bubble of clear weather will slide slowly eastward. that will mean more sunshine and less breezy conditions as that high pressure settles in tomorrow and early sunday. let's take a look at the overnight period, clear, frosty by daybreak. saturday we will be running clear. into your easter sunday perhaps some clouds as the new boundary pushes. ahead of that boundary we may get close to 70, close to 70 on sunday. as we go into your often day cooling off. overnight down to 35, clear,
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cold. this is after 2 a.m. where we could see the frost or freeze. 64 tomorrow, sunny skies. without the breeze this will probably feel milder than that number would otherwise indicate. into tomorrow night not as cold. i don't think we'll see as much of a freeze concern. all right. let's look at that seven-day forecast. temperatures warming. bunnies excited about that. then the next chances for rain going up. two to three inches, behind hour normal rain for the year. we hope to get rain monday night, tuesday and wednesday. but no chance for rain right through the end of the weekend. very close to 70 on sunday. >> it looks like that easter bunny ate all the candy in the basket. that's the most hyperactive easter bunny. he looks like ralphie from "a
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christmas story." no chance of rain on saturday and sunday. >> smooth sailing through the end of the weekend. again, what a spring it has been. what an opening day. good weather. >> so far so good for the o's as well. president obama delivered a speech aimed at critical voters. tory dunnan joins us live from washington. what did today's report reveal about the state of our economy? >> reporter: it was a mixed bag. there was some good, some bad. this turned quite political after the numbers came out. all right. the unemployment rate dropped to 8.2%. the number of jobs was half from it be ri. president obama giving a speech
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on jobs and he targeted a specific group. >> right now women are a growing number of bread winners but they're still earning 77 cents for every dollar a man does. even less if you're an african-american or latino women. women are not some monolithic blofnlgt -- bloc. women are not an interest group. >> reporter: we know that the female vote will be increasingly important when the general election rolls. president obama is making a pitch at female voters. this is no surprise. mitt romney's campaign released a statement that said it is increasingly clear the obama economy is not working. that after three years in office the president's excuses have run out. so general election time. we're talking about jobs and who has a bet are plan to turn this
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economy around. it will be even more important than this already is. >> so mitt romney and rick santorum is vowing to stay in the race. >> reporter: there are a lot of these secret meetings taking plaissments this one is particularly interesting, though. it's between rick santorum and texas governor rick perry. remember, rick perry dropped out. he decided to back newt gingrich. a spokesperson for rick perry said this is a courtesy meeting. rick santorum is placing a lot of emphasis on texas because of the fact it offers up 152 delegates. maybe he is trying to get that support from rick perry, but it doesn't look like this will happen just yet. >> all right. tory dunnan live for us. the marine core has --
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exorps has recommended that a sergeant be disciplined. spergt klein made a comment on his facebook page about the president obama. the president is the commander in chief and service members are banned from taking positions like his. hello, everyone. i'm roosevelt leftwich. coming up at 6, we all know our appliances can take a role beating. so what do you do when they stop working? when easter comes, so does the easter been ni. that means plenty of candy. we have some healthy options children will love, and it's not carrots. now a preview of what's ahead on world knolls at 6:30 -- news at 6:30. >> the courage grandmother who had to land a plane.
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our people of the week tonight on world knolls with diane sawyer on abc.
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it used to be that renting was cheaper than buying a home. many place are seeing double digit increases in rental rates while home prices remain steady. the average rent is over $1300. a judge in california has dismissed a proposed class action lawsuit to stop mcdonald's from marketing its meals. the lawsuit said they were
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exploiting children's vulnerability by luring children to eat unhealthy meals. if you have the money top spend, you could een peels of -- you could earn a piece of the "the hunger games" history. it was filmed in henry river village. the town shut down in the '60s and the last resident packed up in 1987. buford, wyoming, was sold at auction for $900,000. it has a population of one, don sammons who moved to the town in 1980. since thin -- then his wife has passed away and his children have moved away. chrysler is recalling two of
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its suv's. i'm scott garceau at camden yards. a lot of smiles on the faces of horme fans as they leave -- orioles fans as they leave the yard. >> we heard an explosion. >> a navy jet crashes. and what would good friday be without the fells point stable of great kielbasa. people are talking about ostrowski's. it is opening day and a great start to the weekend. sunny, breezy. there's a live shot. the roads are clear. the skies are beautiful. what can we expect for the
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weekend, luckily more of the same. hello, wyatt. >> rosie, a nice evening. it looks good for easter. we could see a from the or freeze in our northern most county, cecil through garrett. tonight this includes further south. this includes howard county through montgomery. it's an enjoyable evening, low 60s right now with clear skies all across the area. it's going to be nice for the rest of the evening, temperatures hovering in the upper 50s through the next hour or two and cooling off when we have that frost concern overnight. much more as we look ahead to your easter sunday. it will be very close to sunday coming up. many baseball fans are headed down to camden yards for another holiday of sorts, opening day. fans started heading into the game against the minnesota twins. while the economy is tough and expectationsre


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